“Stardust by Iyla Mae is a kids’ clothing brand that truly allows children to speak their minds through the world of fashion.”

CHARMAINE THOMAS / CEO Iyla-Mae Clothing Co.

Our desire is to provide children with another way to express themselves aside from just using their words.

This all-inclusive kids’ clothing website can be your one-stop shop for unique clothes that your child will absolutely love! As the 6-year old creative mastermind behind this brand, Iyla knows what type of fashion will give other kids the opportunity to feel unique and seen!

Her insightful perspective and bold personality are clearly displayed by the trendy kids’ clothes featured in this impressive collection. From glamorous outing wear to comfortable street clothes, the Stardust collection has it all!

This kids’ clothing brand contains fantastic pieces you’ve never seen before!

Every item of clothing is an impressive combination of both comfort and style. The best part is your child can easily mix and match various eye-catching clothing items to see which ones speak to them the most.

To us, fashion is more than just an industry. It’s a path to living a life that’s free of emotional barriers and open to bold self-expression!

Your child deserves to feel extremely confident in their own skin no matter how old they are. You would be surprised how many children feel most like themselves when their outfit is an outer expression of who they truly are.

What an incredible journey for your angel to experience!

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