“Stardust By Iyla Mae Where Fashion Is Uniquely Freeing To Children Everywhere”

CHARMAINE THOMAS / CEO Iyla-Mae Clothing Co.

In the past and present, no one can stand in her way as she makes a catwalk out of every aisle she deems worthy of her incredible fashion sense and showstopping personality!

Speaking of personality, Iyla’s is full of sass and overflowing with happiness! You will truly never catch this sweet girl without a smile on her face. Even as she continues to grow up, her style evolution never ceases to amaze!

She continues to style herself at home by taking the charismatic pieces she finds at the store and combining them to create an undeniably breathtaking look. Her growing passion for fashion sparked an idea that soon transformed into a desire to share her talents with the world.

Thus, Stardust by Iyla Mae was born.

Whether she is spending a day relaxing at home or going out and about with her family, Iyla is always dressed to impress! During the creation of this new kids’ clothing brand, Iyla involves herself every step of the way.

Her creative ideas lead the charge when it comes to the development of new styles of clothes being prepared for launch. What a unique fashion experience indeed!

Her desire is to continue producing a clothing brand full of personality, freedom, and individuality. Let’s not forget the artistic magic she sprinkles onto every outfit within the collection!

Fashion is her passion and she’s ready to share her creative vision with the world!
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